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Content-aware image resizing (CAIR, seam carving)

March 28, 2010

Hello, this i very old news, but I wanted to add this topic to the post anyhow, so you know what kind of content I plan on including here (till I find another blog that does the curating for me).

For now I let the video speak for itself:

You can do this in Photoshop from CS4 as content-aware scaling, there is a GIMP plugin, there is implementation on Source Forge and you can get a google-code GUI for that.

I have downloaded those but I haven’t tried them.

I have however used a flash version of CAIR on  It seems to me, that the whole algorithm is implemented into the flash file, so I that all the calculation is done on your PC and not on a server. I don’t know whether the owner of the site is to be trusted that he won’t keep a copy of the picture, but I just hope he won’t. And one more thing about the flash version. My results were much, much better than the ones Stephan got when he tried it.