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Content-aware image resizing (CAIR, seam carving)

March 28, 2010

Hello, this i very old news, but I wanted to add this topic to the post anyhow, so you know what kind of content I plan on including here (till I find another blog that does the curating for me).

For now I let the video speak for itself:

You can do this in Photoshop from CS4 as content-aware scaling, there is a GIMP plugin, there is implementation on Source Forge and you can get a google-code GUI for that.

I have downloaded those but I haven’t tried them.

I have however used a flash version of CAIR on  It seems to me, that the whole algorithm is implemented into the flash file, so I that all the calculation is done on your PC and not on a server. I don’t know whether the owner of the site is to be trusted that he won’t keep a copy of the picture, but I just hope he won’t. And one more thing about the flash version. My results were much, much better than the ones Stephan got when he tried it.


Is there a blog on cool image processing stuff for geek end-users?

March 28, 2010

I’m searching for a blog. It should cover topics around cool things one can do with one’s photos.

Maybe you know a blog like that. I’d love you to comment here and point me to this blog.

In order to find with blog, I need someone to read this blog. So I will use this posting to link to blog posts about topics that I would like to be covered by the blog I’m searching for. Maybe someone will come over and tell me which blog to subscribe to. .. so please help me.

Topics I’d like to have covered by the blog I’m searching.

(I will add more links here, and I will occasionally update this blog as long as I haven’t found a blog where somebody else is doing the updating.)

If you know a blog concerned with topics like this. Please let me know by commenting!!! Thanks.