Content Aware Fill in Photoshop and Gimp’s Resynthesizer Tool

Just a short note about Content Aware Fill. You might have seen the youtube video by Adobe and maybe you didn’t know that this was possible.

Here’s the video and the feature will be available in the next version of Photoshop

Turns out, however, that GIMP already supports this feature via a plugin. Maybe it’s not 100% as easy to use, but non the less it’s in the reach for everybody to try. Here is the video:

(There is another video at GIMP plugin “Resynthesizer” and “Single Window” mode that gets the same result on the last picture by just resynthesizing on selection.)

I think one can really only compare the two products when looking at high resolution pictures, so a final say has to await the release of CS5.

But you have to hand it to Adobe for their PR skills. I really like their video, it impressed me, and there had been a good chance that I hadn’t found out about alternatives already available to me.

And then one more: There is this video showing some artifacts created by GIMP Resynthesizer and how to fix those. (unfortunately the audio is a little to fast for the video.)



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